Analogue addressable fire alarm control panel with seven-inch 800 x 480 pixel TFT LCD colour display and up to 20 loops


Networking system for F220 fire alarm control panels. Fault-tolerant. Adaptive messaging. Native interfaces for BMS (Modbus) and FireMap


F220/Net2 Network node. Connects an F220 fire panel to Net2 Network Ring Circuit. May be configured as a BMS (Modbus) or FireMap interface


Remote control and monitoring of an F220/Net2 network system. Programmable to control selected F220 panels or the entire network


Remote display of system events from an F220/Net2 Network. Configurable to monitor selected zones, F220 panels, or the entire network.


Connects fibre-optic cable to the NET IN or NET OUT port of the Net2 Network Card.


Remote display of Alarm & Evacuate signals from F220/Net2 system. Programmable to monitor selected zones, F220 panels, or the entire network


A free software tool that automatically creates a data table representing the layout of an F220/Net2 network


A free software tool that copies the internal system logs from an F220 masterboard or Net2 network card to a USB memory stick


Provides bi-directional half-duplex communication between a Master RS-485 port and up to 5 electrically separate Slave ports